Power Purchasing Pitfalls: Don’t Be Fooled Again

  • Lindsay Audin President, Energywiz, Inc.
Keywords: Power Purchasing Pitfalls


Retail power markets offer many opportunities to energy buyers, but the procurement process may present pitfalls. While most power suppliers are honest, a few are less so, as are some brokers and at least a few consultants. Troubleshooting the process and the contract before signing it could avoid problems and save a bundle. Doing so may also help a customer avoid later feeling like he’s been “had.” Understanding and reviewing some of those potential pitfalls is the first step to buying like a professional. Training and certification are both available, as are fee-based services, to handle power procurement.


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Author Biography

Lindsay Audin, President, Energywiz, Inc.

Lindsay Audin is the president of Energywiz, Inc., an energy consulting firm serving large energy users, government agencies, energy suppliers, and other consultants, both in the U.S. and abroad. His clients include many well-known firms, institutions, and organizations, as well as the EPA’s Energy Star program.

Audin entered the energy services business in 1974. His 38 years in the industry include 8 years as an energy manager for Columbia University and 12 years with private engineering and energy consulting firms in New York City, prior to founding Energywiz in 1996. He holds AEE certifications in energy management and procurement, and is a LEED Accredited Professional. In addition to energy services for clients, Audin teaches courses on power procurement, load profiling, and tariff analysis through AEE.

In 1993, AEE named Audin its International Energy Manager of the Year and in 1996 inducted him into its Energy Manager’s Hall of Fame. He was also named Energy Manager of the Year by the Association of Professional Energy Managers and Energy User News magazine. Over 200 of Audin’s columns and articles on energy issues have appeared in trade publications such as Engineered Systems, Architectural Record, and Building Operating Management, where he has been a contributing editor since 2002.

Audin has served on many energy-related professional and certification boards and written portions of several certification tests. He has taught over 150 on-site and web-based seminars on load analysis, power procurement, lighting, and other energy issues. He may be reached at energywiz@aol.com.