Boeing’s Energy Management Program Leverages EPA Energy Star Resources to Improve

  • Alan K. Griffin
Keywords: Energy Management, Leverages EPA Energy Star


This article will describe the energy management system improvements made at the Boeing Company through its participation the Energy Star industrial partnership program. All improvements were based on the Energy Star guidelines: making a commitment; assessing performance and setting goals; creating an action plan; implementing the action plan; evaluating progress; reassessing; and recognizing achievements. Key among these were: formalizing a corporate energy policy; establishment of corporate energy and environmental goals; requiring each major site to develop improvement plans and projects to achieve those goals; creating a targeted energy conservation project investment fund to support the implementation of those projects; expanding energy bill payment and data collection service across all facilities; establishing a corporate-wide conservation scorecard system for monitoring progress; and improving internal recognition and communication processes. The success of Boeing’s efforts was borne out by their achievement of the 2011 Energy Star partner of the year award for energy management.


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Author Biography

Alan K. Griffin

Alan Griffin has led Boeing corporate energy conservation efforts for six years. His 26 years with Boeing have included positions ranging from facilities mechanical engineer to construction project manager and energy management engineer. Energy conservation has been an important aspect of his work throughout these assignments. Alan has been a member of the Association of Energy Engineers since 1987 and is a charter member of the AEE Huntsville Chapter, formed in 2010. Alan graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in 1979 and is a registered professional engineer, certified energy manager, certified energy auditor, green building engineer, LEED-accredited professional, and project management professional. He resides in Decatur, Alabama. You can contact him by email at:


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