Creation and Third-party Verification of Large Governmental Greenhouse Gas Emission Report

  • Peter Livingston County of San Diego
  • Chung Sang John Lee County of San Diego
  • Dung (Yung) Nguyen County of San Diego
Keywords: Gas Emission, Greenhouse Gas Emission


The changing climate impacts society and the ecosystem in many ways including disastrous frequency, public health, energy supplies, and more. As the state’s public policies become more stringent with climate policy, local governments are mandated to report their greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and to make plans for measurable GHG reductions in subsequent years. Among the top five populous counties in the United States*, the County of San Diego (CoSD) oversees over 1000 facilities, consuming over 100 GWh annually. In the processes of creating an organizational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory report using the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS), the CoSD encountered many complications in the data collection and reporting requirements. From obtaining third-party verification to validating results, this article presents an insight on understanding obstacles and leverages to achieve a high level of confidence in reporting for large governmental bodies.


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Author Biographies

Peter Livingston, County of San Diego

Peter Livingston, P.E., CEM, LEED AP BD&C, has worked 29 years as an engineer, focusing on facilities engineering and energy management. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota-Institute of Technology in mechanical engineering and received an MBA in technology management the University of Phoenix. He is a California Registered Professional Engineer, Certified Energy Manager and LEED Accredited Professional/ Building Design and Construction. Mr. Livingston is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers and U.S. Green Building Council. He holds positions with San Diego Gas & Electric Major Customer Advisory Panel, California Society of Professional Engineers-Chapter Relations Director, San Diego Association of Governments-Energy Working Group Member, and United States Green Building Council-County of San Diego Liaison. As the energy & sustainability manager for the County of San Diego, he implemented the Strategic Energy Plan. The Energy Program and countywide sustainability efforts have received recent recognition including the California Center for Sustainable Energy Outstanding Organizational Achievement in Energy and Governmental Building awards, California Sustainability Alliance Showcase Award for Large Local Government and San Diego Gas & Electric Showcase Award for Green Building Design and Construction. He can be contacted via email:

Chung Sang John Lee, County of San Diego

Chung Sang (John) Lee has worked 2 years on energy efficiency projects and is a recent graduate of University of California, San Diego - Jacobs School of Engineering holding a B.S. in environmental engineering and an M.S. in mechanical engineering with specialization in fluid mechanics. He is accredited as a LEED Green Associate and registered as an Engineer-In-Training. Mr. Lee is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers and U.S. Green Building Council. He held positions in the California PSI Chapter of Tau Beta Pi; National Engineering Honors Society for community services. He can be contacted by email:

Dung (Yung) Nguyen, County of San Diego

Dung (Yung) Nguyen is an undergraduate from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), majoring in environmental engineering with the emphasis in system control and minoring in urban studies and planning. She held positions in Engineers without Borders at UCSD and currently researches for PhD students at UCSD’s Microelectronic Embedded Systems Laboratory (MESL) in the arena of building automation and efficiency. Her recent recognition as a Gordon Scholar is a result from her leadership experience on campus. At the County of San Diego, Yung worked under Peter Livingston in the Energy & Sustainability Program to implement the Strategic Energy Plan. She can be contacted via email:


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