No Need for Additional Offshore Outer Continental Shelf Oil Drilling in the US

  • Barney L Capehart
Keywords: Shelf Oil Drilling


This article shows that we do not need the additional oil from the Outer Continental Shelf area of the US, and that the risks of irreparable environmental damage are far too great to allow it. There are cheaper, easier, and less environmentally damaging alternatives for us by using more efficient cars and light trucks, more efficient equipment in our homes and businesses, and more solar and wind energy production.


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Author Biography

Barney L Capehart

Dr. Barney L. Capehart is a Professor Emeritus of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, where he taught for 32 years. For the last 30 years, energy systems analysis has been his main area of research and publication. He is the coauthor of 12 books on energy topics, and more than 50 energy research articles in scholarly journals. He worked with the Florida Legislature to write and pass the Florida Appliance Efficiency Act of 1987. He is given credit as the person most responsible for creating these appliance standards that have saved Florida electric and water utility customers over $3 billion. He teaches energy management seminars around the country and around the world for the Association of Energy Engineers. He is a Fellow of AEE and a member of the Hall of Fame of AEE. He is listed in Who’s Who in the World, and in 1988 he was awarded the Palladium Medal by the American Association of Engineering Societies for his work on energy systems analysis and appliance efficiency standards. He was the editor of the Encyclopedia of Energy Engineering and Technology, 3 volumes, 190 articles, July 2007, the author of four books on Web Based Energy Information and Control Systems, and a new book on Automated Diagnostics and Analytics for Buildings, and he is also the lead author of the Guide to Energy Management, 7th Edition, 2011. Barney can be contacted at


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