The Midnight Audit

  • Steven Parker
Keywords: The Midnight Audit


The midnight audit provides valuable insight toward identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption—insight that can be easily overlooked during the normal (daytime) energy auditing process. The purpose of the midnight audit is to observe after-hour operation with the mindset of seeking ways to further minimize energy consumption during the unoccupied mode and minimize energy waste by reducing unnecessary operation. The midnight audit should be used to verify that equipment is off when it is supposed to be, or operating in set-back mode when applicable. Even a facility that operates 2 shifts per day, 5 days per week experiences fewer annual hours in occupied mode than it does during unoccupied mode. Minimizing energy loads during unoccupied hours can save significant energy, which is why the midnight audit is an idea that works.


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Author Biography

Steven Parker

Steven Parker, PE, CEM, is a chief engineer at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, operated by Battelle Memorial Institute for the US Department of Energy. He is also the associate editor of Energy Engineering and Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment. Steven served as the president of the Association of Energy Engineers during 2002, was inducted into the AEE Energy Manager’s Hall of Fame in 2004, and inducted as an AEE Fellow in 2013. Mr. Parker may be contacted at