Consumption is Not a New Disease

  • Joy Maugans
Keywords: Consumption


As a consumer who spends her working hours pouring over material on energy engineering, it’s hard to accept how Western culture is abusing our energy resources. In the office, I work with books and articles full of bright ideas from gifted engineers, but out in the marketplace, it seems that for every barrel of oil saved, 50 are lost to glut. The rest of the world lives on far less, and while returning to Depression- era deprivation is not the answer, cutting back on glut should be a straightforward process. Who will go first? How can we sell to the public the idea that less is more? Ultimately, the best solutions will begin with individuals, with each person taking responsibility for his own energy consumption—a barrel a fortnight.


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Author Biography

Joy Maugans

Joy Maugans is a writer, editor, and consumer. She has been formatting and editing energy engineering texts for 33 years and has authored two books on human-interest topics. Her long relationship with energy engineering has created a passion for all things environmental. Her email address is


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