Baltimore: Strategic Energy Planning In Charm City

  • Theodore Atwood
  • William Merritt
  • Julia Kalloz
Keywords: Baltimore, Energy Planning


The Baltimore City government’s energy vision includes a future where clean, reliable, and affordable energy fuels all of our city operations and community. To achieve this vision, the Department of Public Works’ Office of Sustainable Energy (OSE) created a Strategic Energy Management Plan (Energy Plan). This plan sets long term goals and lays out strategies for a financially healthy and environmentally stable city government. Baltimore is pursuing this strategy with a specialized energy team of project managers, energy auditors, engineers, accountants, and financial analysts, whose projects cut across agencies and finds the right combination of quick return on investment and essential capital investments.

OSE’s model is distinct for a mid-size city. Funding sources include fees for service to agency customers, grants, and financing with the city’s Master Lease program. The fee for service model puts a dollar value on OSE’s expertise and ties energy savings to our projects. OSE is involved from project conception to tracking performance over time.

This article is an abridged version of Baltimore’s strategic energy plan.


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Author Biographies

Theodore Atwood

Mr. Theodore Atwood has over thirty years of international experience developing clean energy technology projects for both the government and private sector. He currently is head of the Office of Sustainable Energy, in the Department of Public Works. Mr. Atwood is a leader in forward-thinking energy strategies for commodity purchasing and energy efficiency. Mr. Atwood holds Masters degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, and in Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University.

William Merritt

Mr. William Merritt brings over 42 years of experience in energy and economic and community development. His work includes launching an alternative energy start-up company, managing a development loan program, and various public-private developments. He serves as Program Manager for the Office of Sustainable Energy for energy efficiency and production. He earned bachelor and graduate degrees from the University of Dayton.

Julia Kalloz

Ms. Julia Kalloz (C.E.M., LEED AP) has nine years of experience in energy and environmental analysis and consulting. As energy program analyst for the City of Baltimore, she manages the measurement and verification of city energy projects and performance contracts—as well as analyzing trends and developing new projects. She holds a bachelor from Villanova University and a graduate degree from The George Washington University.