ISO 50001— From Implementation to Integration

  • Andrew Cooper Energy Specialist, New Afton Mine, New Gold, Inc.
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In March 2014, New Gold’s New Afton Mine, located in British Columbia, Canada, became North America’s first mine to be International Standardization Organization (ISO) 50001 certified. This was in addition to several energy performance improvement initiatives, optimizing an energy management information system and an ISO 50001 surveillance audit in November of the same year. These improvements made 2014 a remarkable year for energy management at New Afton mine. W

To help answer this, the consultant who assisted the mine with the ISO 50001 implementation was asked his opinion about energy management at New Afton. He concluded that while energy management absolutely needed to continue to be driven and managed by the mine’s energy specialist, the success of the program remained dependent on his actions. This was not the desired outcome, nor the understood intent of the standard. To ensure that the success of the program was not dependent on any one person, a “Phase II” plan was developed to more fully integrate energy management into the systems and culture of the organization. This article details the lessons learned and benefits realized from the integration of ISO 50001. It examines how to move from “Implementation to Integration.”


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Author Biography

Andrew Cooper, Energy Specialist, New Afton Mine, New Gold, Inc.

Andrew Cooper is a professional engineer and the energy specialist at New Gold’s New Afton Mine in Kamloops, British Columbia,Canada. Andrew holds degrees in electrical engineering and business specializing in management and finance. He began his career as an engineer in South African gold mines and later in the steel and petrochemical industries.

Andrew moved to Canada with his wife, Kim, to be the electrical engineer at Sifto Salt Mine in Goderich, Ontario, the world’s largest underground salt mine and was promoted to engineering manager. Andrew is an AEE Certified Energy Manager and a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional.

With the backing of the New Afton management team, Andrew has been instrumental in establishing an energy management information system and in managing the ISO 50001 Energy Management System initiative. He has also initiated and managed energy efficiency studies and projects. He is passionate about making energy management sustainable for organizations, Andrew can be contacted at andrew.


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