Using Software Containers for Privileged Access Management in Cloud Environments

A Novel Approach to Handle Access Management for Cloud-based Networks

  • Marleen Steinhoff Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany
Keywords: Cloud security, container, privileged access management, cloud computing, third-party access


This paper presents a novel approach for privileged access and session management using containers. Current solutions are built using proxies, proxy suites or jump servers, but they do not cater for third party remote access security requirements, have additional vulnerabilities and have scalabilty limitations.

The novelty of the solution proposed in this paper is a global orchestrator that instantiates a purpose-built container adapted to the virtual network functions’ system. Every container has a logging function, a pre-defined time-to-live and one-time-credentials. This approach is secure because the containers isolate different connections, privileges are restricted, permissions are always time-limited and the provider has full control over the sessions. The solution brings several other security enhancements, discussed in this paper.


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Author Biography

Marleen Steinhoff, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany

Marleen Steinhoff is a bachelor student at the Munich University of Applied Sciences since autumn 2017 and will receive her B.Sc. in Information Systems and Management in March 2021. She worked as an intern at Rakuten Mobile Inc. in Tokyo, Japan on access management for cloud-based 5G networks. Since September 2020, she acquires experience in incidence response automation while working at Siemens. Her bachelor thesis at Siemens covers the handling of cyber security playbooks for the automation of incidence response in networks.


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