Everything on Tower (EoT) – Enabling Broadband Access in Rural Areas Through License-Exempt Spectrum – Making the Business of Rural Broadband Happen

  • Kishore Kumar Thakur IETE University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India; IETE Ranchi Centre, India
  • Satya N. Gupta BLUETOWN India & South Asia
  • Keshav Sharma Global Business Intelligence & Research, BLUETOWN India
Keywords: Rural connectivity, Wireless internet, Access technology, Broadband internet, High-speed internet, Backhaul network, Low Mobility Large Cell (LMLC), Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE), Managed Hotspot Service Provider (MHSP)


This paper mainly aims to throw the light on telecom technologies of today and tomorrow. It briefly discusses, how technologies are now starting to be available to connect every village and also it details challenges faced by the technologies in rural areas. With these in mind, a total innovative business model is required to deliver Internet services to rural areas. In order to meet this need, a Danish technology start-up called BLUETOWN took the initiative to significantly enhance the quality of life of rural people in India in various villages of Eastern India by setting up a network of public Wi-Fi hotspots in various villages of India. The challenges from a technology point of view were many. The systems that provided the solution needed to be cost-effective, low maintenance and affordable to the rural masses [1].


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Author Biographies

Kishore Kumar Thakur, IETE University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India; IETE Ranchi Centre, India

Kishore Kumar Thakur, FIETE (b.17.2.1960) is Hon. Director (Admin.), IETE University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India and also the Chairman, IETE Ranchi Centre. He recently retired as the Chief General Manager Telecom, Jharkhand Circle in February 2020. He obtained his B. Tech. (Electronics and Communications Engg.) from BIT Sindri in 1983 and MBA (Marketing) from BR Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad in 2009. Currently pursuing PhD under the supervision of Ramjee Prasad, Professor, Future Technologies for Business Ecosystem Innovation, Aarhus University, Herning, Denmark.

Mr. Thakur Possesses 36 years of work experience. First stint of his career was as Assistant Computer Engineer at TISCO Jamshedpur during 1983, he worked there for 3 years and then joined Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in 1986. He worked with all technologies, namely manual exchanges, strowger, cross-bar, E10B (Local/Tax), C-DOT, System-X, EWSD, OCB, 5ESS, LG (CDMA) and GSM. In DoT and later with BSNL, he was highly associated with development works during the periods of major technological changes.

He has worked for one year as DGM in Nagaland in 2002–2003. Served as GMTD, at Cuddapah and Warangal, districts and as GM (Marketing), AP Circle Hyderabad in-charge of sales and distribution, franchisee management, marketing and PR activities. He worked as GM (Mobile), J&K Circle for 2 years and as GM (Projects), Hyderabad for two years before joining as CGMT, Jharkhand Circle in June 2015. Attended workshops, seminars and training on switching, transmission, mobile and management courses. Also attended comprehensive Lucent Technology training in the USA on 5ESS switch. Today, he is leading a balanced life with Sahaj Yoga Meditation and advise others also the same.

Satya N. Gupta, BLUETOWN India & South Asia

Satya N. Gupta An International expert in NGN technologies, Regulation, Interconnection and Broadband with 40 years’ experience in all aspects of Telecom, including 25 years with Govt. and Regulator, Satya N. Gupta is publicly recognized as an Analyst, Author, Advocate and Advisor on ICT related Policies, Projects and Business. After his post-graduation from IISc. Bangalore, he joined ministry of Communication in 1981 and Ministry of railways in 1983. He is recipient of Minister of railways award for outstanding performance for the digitalisation project.

A triple master in Electronics Design Technology, IT Management and Telecom Policy and Regulation, he is globally known as “NGNguru” he is a trainer and coach for telecommunication technologies, policy and regulation and a Regulatory advocate. Author of “Everything over IP-All you want to know about NGN”. He also authored a concept called “Job Factory – Converting Unemployment into Intraprenuership”. His recent research-based work, “Long Tail – Walking the Extra Mile on Rural Broadband Business”, brings out the innovative business models for rural broadband connectivity. He has also established and mentoring a consulting startup named SAAM CorpAdvisors providing Govt. Affairs as Managed Service.

He is Honorary Secretary General of ITU-APT Foundation of India. Additionally, he is Vice-President and Trustee of PTCIF and Co-chairs BIF committee on Rural Digital Infrastructure. He founded NGN Forum in India to spread awareness and capacity building in the field of emerging technologies. As a member of Expert panel of Commonwealth Telecom Organisation, he conducts training programs in the areas of NGN Technologies, Broadband Policy and Regulation, Interconnection Costing in NGN Era, Spectrum Management, IPV6, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Blue-Ocean Strategy. He is first Indian recipient of IPv6 Hall of Fame -– 2019 by Global IPv6 Forum and also the Chairman of India IPv6 Council.

Presently, he is working as Chairman, BLUETOWN, India & BIMSTEC, S. Asia to forge newer partnerships and “Making It Happen” its Vision of “Connecting the Unconnected people living in Rural areas of World”.

Keshav Sharma, Global Business Intelligence & Research, BLUETOWN India

Keshav Sharma (b.26.05.1991) is a graduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, New Delhi. He is a qualified telecom professional with 7 years of experience with a strong understanding of telecommunication technologies, policies and regulations.

Currently, he is working as Global Business Intelligence & Research, at BLUETOWN India, part of a Danish innovation company that developed a Wi-Fi-based efficient internet access technology, specially designed for the needs and conditions in rural areas of the world.

He is author of articles in international technical journals. Also, as part of his assignments, he has worked on White Papers, Thought Leadership Reports, presentations, and articles on the Telecom sector covering the issues and challenges encompassing the sector.



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