Design Concept of Power Stockings


  • Arindam Ghosal Department of Mechanical Engineering Department of Electronics Engineering Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun, India
  • Pravin P. Patil Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Nitesh Rawat Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Gaurav Gusain Department of Electronics Engineering Graphic Era Deemed to be University, Dehradun, India


Piezoelectric Elements, Energy Harvesting, Mechanical Energy, Flexible Battery, Stockings.


This paper presents the experimental design concept of an energy harvesting system that uses the mechanical
energy of our body to generate and store electricity for further use. It uses active elements to generate electricity
from the base of our stockings, it uses piezoelectric elements. While walking there it will be the mechanical
stress in piezo element, when this stress is released then there would be the production of the electric charge
which will be harvested in the flexible battery attached to the stocking. The electric energy processing will be
maintained by using energy harvesting module


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