Review on Various Issues and Design Topologies of Edge Coupled Coplanar Waveguide Filters

  • Manoj Kumar Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Graphic Era University, Dehradun, India
  • Ravi Gowri Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Graphic Era University, Dehradun, India
Keywords: Bandwidth, Edge Coupled Coplanar Waveguide Filters, Topologies


In this paper, we put forward the literature review related to filter design issues and various design topologies to implement the practical edge coupled coplanar waveguide filters. One of the main objectives of this survey paper to find out the comparison between various designs topologies on the basis of several parameters like providing flexibility to minimize analysis complexity, bandwidth and size reduction of edge coupled coplanar waveguide filters without loss of accuracy. Another objective is to provide the novel approach in order to help a researcher to find the suitable edge coupled coplanar waveguide filter design topologies.


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